Become an Umbrella of Support

Be a Mentor
Successful college students are uniquely qualified to give back to underclassmen students by being a Peer Mentor. Our students are calling. Will you answer?
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Time is our greatest gift to give. Become a Rainey Day Volunteer at one of our many events.
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Your kind donation is the key. Financial stress and pursuing education should not exist for students.
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At the Rainey Day Foundation, we are a team of  professionals providing umbrellas of support to college students. We are the people we needed when we were younger. Many of us are first generation college students that did not always receive the support needed to navigate the challenging world of post-secondary education. 

Rainey Day Events

Growing up in Camden, New Jersey it is very rare that you have someone to talk to you about the college experience or better yet the process of getting into college. Before I was able to have a connection with Camden’s Alumni’s I was not sure of my future. I did not know how to get into college, how to pay for college, or if I even wanted to go to college. Having Camden’s Alumni that experienced college and graduated to mentor our students today would change many lives for the better and it will put a great effect on our city.
Jaquay Watt
Senior – Delaware State University
This Foundation is a movement and I can’t wait to share. I am interested in Nursing and I have so many questions. It would be great to be connected with a Nurse that can also be my mentor. I could use the advice.
Dasia Johnson
Student - Camden High School Class of 2016
Many high school students grow up without alumni connections or college graduates as mentors. Having college graduates interact and share knowledge about university life would change their outlook towards attending college. Students would love the chance to network and develop connections with alumni.
Ashley Garcia
Student - Camden High School Class of 2018
In my life, the people that I hold in the highest regard were graduates from Camden City Schools. These people have helped me achieve my goals. Alumni understand better than most that Camden students have incredible potential and when supported, can truly excel.
D’Ivyon Balance
Student - Camden High School Class of 2018

Rainey Day Team

In order to be a mentor, and an effective one, one must care. Care about what you know and care about the person you’re sharing with.

~ Maya Angelou

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